We know Collagen is what’s behind youthful skin.

When we’re young, there’s an abundance of Collagen in the body. That’s why young children have lovely shiny hair and great skin! As we age however, Collagen production declines. And weakening of the skin occurs, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles.


And Collagen helps your bones stay strong.

We all know that Calcium plays a big part in maintaining bone mineral density. But did you know that Collagen plays a role too? Here’s how: The combination of Calcium and Collagen makes bones strong and flexible, allowing it to withstand stress!


Now, Collagen helps keep your joints flexible, too!

Cartilage helps reduce friction between bones during movement. And a key component of cartilage is Collagen. Consuming Collagen in our daily diet helps maintain cartilage thickness, allowing us to move as freely as we want.


So how do I replenish my body’s supply of Collagen?

Our bodies can naturally produce Collagen. However, Collagen production may decline with age. And this makes it important for us to ensure that we include Collagen in our daily diet as a way to maintain good skin, bone and joint health.


Anlene’s new MoveMax formula now comes with Collagen to support your overall body needs, including joints.

With just 2 glasses daily, Anlene doesn’t just supply your body’s Calcium and protein needs, but takes care of your Collagen needs as well.


Because moving as young as you feel inside starts from the inside out.


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