Keeping Active during Ramadan By Ras Adiba Radzi

During the holy month of Ramadan, it can be a challenge for fellow Muslims to balance between observing our fast while staying active. Here are 3 ways I balance my time and energy to keep active during Ramadan!


Listen to your body
I am an active person who loves swimming, shooting and dancing. Hence, I try to maintain some level of activity even during Ramadan. But I also understand that my body is not at optimum level for certain activities while fasting.

This isn't to say that I have to give up doing what I love! My trick is to tone down the intensity of my activities based on what my body can handle. It’s important for me to know when to stop pushing myself instead of straining my body and depleting my energy!


Different ways to stay active
Everyone has their own way of being active. And it's important to remember that being active is not confined to just exercise or a sport!

For me, if I find that my body is not able to sustain my usual physical routine, I replace my usual physical activities with something else. I keep myself active by doing light stretches, household chores, and the occasional stroll through a Ramadan bazaar with my family!


Reorganise your schedule
It may help to alter your daily schedule slightly based on the daily fasting hours, as well as your energy levels during the day.

If you usually perform an activity during your free time, you may want to consider performing it when you're feeling most energised. It could be before or after breaking fast, or early in the morning before sahur. This may help you keep active without compromising your fast!

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