Badan kita disokong oleh 206 tulang1 lebih dari 230 sendi2 dan 600 otot3
bagi membekalkan kekuatan dan kecergasan untuk kekal aktif setiap hari.

Tulang, sendi dan otot yang kuat adalah kunci kepada gaya hidup aktif. .

TSO fakta


Pemakanan yang baik membekalkan asas untuk membina dan mengekalkan tulang
yang kuat, sendi dan otot untuk gaya hidup aktif.

Nutri Facts


Anlene dengan MovemaxTM dan 50% lebih nutrient*

Tahukah Anda

*Buckwalter et al., Articular cartilage & osteoarthritis. Instr Course Lect. 2005; 54: 465 - 480

*Anlene milk has at least 50% more minerals (calcium, magnesium & zinc) and vitamins (vitamin B6 & vitamin D) than regular milk which has added vitamin D1,2

Reference USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard 

1. Compared with 100g regular milk powder 2. Compared with 100ml regular milk



#The age calculated in Anlene Wellness Quiz of an individual, in contrast to the real age of an individual, is a subjective representation of how old an individual acts or feels. Therefore, the calculated age described here is not a scientifically defined term. It is not indicative or representative of the participant’s physical ability or well-being or can be relied upon as a representation of such. Anlene has developed the "Anlene Wellness Quiz" to create awareness about the importance of movement and heart health throughout life, so an individual can continue to live young and stay healthy.
The Anlene Wellness Quiz is not intended to be a medical diagnostic tool. Please speak to your healthcare professional for further medical advice.

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