Anlene Gold 5X Powder

Ensuring our diet is always balanced may be difficult and as we age, our body may become less efficient in absorbing some nutrients. Hence, it’s crucial to make smart choices when it comes to food selection. Get the important nutrients every day to help maintain an active and meaningful lifestyle, even as we age.​

Anlene Total 10™ is scientifically formulated with high calcium, high protein, MFGM Active™, Collagen, Prebiotic Inulin, 28 Beneficial Ingredients and only contains 4.3g lactose in each serving. Enjoy 10 goodness every day with balanced diet and exercise. Let’s support overall wellness today+

+with balanced diet and regular exercise.
△ Regular milk contains 8.6g lactose per 200ml serving. New Zealand Food Composition Database Reference.
*Based on NielsenIQ report data via Retail Index Service for full cream milk powder category.
Adult Segment for the 52-week period ending 31 October 2022, Peninsular Malaysia market.
(Copyright© 2022, NielsenQ.)


Nutritional Information - Anlene Total 10™ 

Anlene is scientifically formulated to support
your active lifestyle and daily nutrition needs