Anlene's High-Quality Milk: A Journey from Grass to Glass


When you think of milk, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the taste and the nutrition it provides. But have you ever wondered where your milk comes from? At Anlene, we source all our high-quality milk from New Zealand. Let’s discover why our milk is special!

New Zealand Origin

While New Zealand is famous for its stunning landscapes, what makes milk from New Zealand special is the perfect environment for dairy farming. With abundance sunshine all year round, plenty of rainfall and moderate temperature, the pastures of New Zealand are fertile and full of lush rich nutritious grass for our cows to graze on. These environments allow us to breed happy cows and in turn produce good quality milk.

Our Cows: Raised the Right Way

Beyond having quality pastures for our cows to graze on, we also take pride in how we care for our cows. We raise our cows on a grass-fed diet (96% of the year to be precise) and are only given supplementary feed during the winter months when the weather is too cold and when the cows are off for milking season! This means that our cows can roam freely all year round, giving us the quality milk that we put into Anlene. So, not only does it let the cows live their best lives, but it also makes their milk even better for us.

New Zealand cows also spend 97% of their grazing time in the open fields - more than anywhere else in the world. In New Zealand, we have the climate for cows to live out in the fresh air with up to 2000 hours of sunlight all year round!

Nutritious and Delicious Glass of Anlene

So, what does all this mean for the Anlene milk that you drink? Well, with milk coming from grass-fed cows, to produce milk that comes with New Zealand goodness and it’s delicious too! 


Try Anlene Gold 5X. Scientifically formulated with:

·       100%* Calcium & Vitamin D – strong bones

·       High Protein – build muscles

·       MFGM Active

·       Colagen & Vitamin C

·       17 Vitamins & Minerals


There you have it – Anlene's  quality milk is a result of the beautiful New Zealand environment, the care we put into raising our cows, and the goodness of grass-fed cow’s milk. So, the next time you pour yourself a glass of Anlene milk, take a moment to appreciate the incredible journey it has taken to reach you.

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