We understand that time shows no mercy when it comes to aging. Whether you want it or not, there will be changes. Instead of fighting the inevitable, there are those who choose to take the reins, and enjoy the ride. These are signs you are one of those who embrace the youthfulness in you.

1. You get creative.

Never let the changes slow you down. You are always looking for fun and creative ways to get things going. Perhaps, you take the stairs instead of the lift to your office. Or, you use the shopping basket instead of the shopping cart at the supermarket. Nothing can stop you from moving.

2. You eat well to move well.

A balanced diet is important. You understand that your body needs the right nutrients to keep it moving – and you’re constantly tweaking your diet to find out the best one that works for you. You consume antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables for youthful skin, and you drink ANLENE™ to keep your bones, joints and muscles healthy.

3. You never let age bother you.

Age is not an excuse for you. If you wanted to try out something new, you’ll make it happen. Whether it is travelling alone or watching your favourite musicians play at a concert, you won’t let anybody tell you that you can’t because of your age.

If you ticked off all these three signs (or any of it) on the list, you’re awesome! You’re not afraid to let the youthfulness in you shine. We hope you continue to inspire others around you to keep moving as young as they feel inside. Now, go on and reward yourself with ANLENE™!

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