You'll be delighted to see how moving can benefit your entire body! Read on to find out more!


Strong Bones

Did you know that inactive (people who seldom move) individuals are 1.59 times more likely than active individuals to develop poor bone health? So, stay out of that couch and grab your gears now!


Flexible Joints

Middle-aged women who were active between the ages of 47 – 58 had a lower risk of joint pain or stiffness 9 years later. Want to have a smooth body movement? Keep moving!


Strong Muscles

Physical activities that involve the body’s muscles such as Tai Chi and Yoga have been shown to improve balance, posture, flexibility and strength. Pick up a class near you today!


Increases Energy

Moving Young and staying active help improve your heart function – and that gives you more energy and stamina you need!


Improves Confidence

Studies have shown that doing physical activities regularly can improve your confidence and self-esteem.


Tones Your Body

Regular exercise also helps to tone your body and improve your posture.


Better Mood

Exercise doesn’t just benefit your body, but your mood as well. Regular physical activities will help enhance your mood by releasing mood-enhancing factors that makes you feel good! What’s more, it also helps to release your stress too!


Better Sleep

Studies have even shown a relationship between getting more exercise and getting better sleep! Move more and sleep well!


Better Brain Function

Regular physical activities help improve your brain functions. It helps you to stay alert and focused throughout the day. Aerobic fitness training for example can have a positive effect on multiple aspects of brain function and cognition!


The Perfect Combination

An active lifestyle is important. So, it is best to combine regular physical activities with a daily intake of essential nutrients. And that’s why we’ve made it super easy for you to consume important nutrients like Protein, Calcium and Collagen daily with the new Anlene MoveMax formulation. Now available in all Anlene milk powder products! Grab one today and move as young as you feel inside!

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