Move to the Groove

You gotta move, sang The Rolling Stones. And it's true - music actually helps you move more! Don't believe us? Check out the 3 ways music can have a positive impact on your workouts!

  • Music stimulates movement
    There's something about music that makes us all want to move to the rhythm, and that's the beat of the song. Studies show that your performance may improve when you listen to songs with beats of up to 145bpm – it's not proven that beats higher than that helps with additional motivation.

  • Music taps into your emotions
    If you have a strong emotional connection to a song, be it due to the lyrics or a memory tied to that particular song, it can become a strong motivation for you. It doesn't matter if Celine Dion is blasting through your earphones; if it's your jam, go for it!

  • Music distracts you in a good way
    Music can make you less aware of physical fatigue when you're working out. When doing exercises of low to moderate intensity, the distraction is more effective compared to high-intensity workouts. It doesn't mean that music is useless for high-intensity workouts; music can elevate moods and keep you going instead of giving up!

    So there you have it, all the more reason to put your favourite songs on loop! You're already on the right track - no pun intended - by making your decision to move more, but if ever you feel like you're in need of a motivational boost, just keep the groove going to help you keep active!

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