Where there’s a will, there’s a way! We understand it can be a challenge trying to stay active during your busy schedule, so here are some suggestions on how to incorporate movement into your daily life no matter where you are!

In the office

Try to keep your belongings at different spots besides your desk at work. Place things out of reach so you have reasons to walk around during the workday. As a bonus, you’ll have a cleaner, less cluttered desk! You can also do your best to eat lunch outside, away from your desk. Try to visit as many different places as possible over the course of the month – plan for each lunchtime excursion to involve a longer walk than the last!

At home

Why not put on some upbeat music as you do your housework? Your body will naturally move to the energetic rhythms and sweep, polish and wipe a little bit faster. Dance along to the music for an even better workout! You can also plan your housework so that you constantly have to run up and down the stairs, by alternating between chores in upstairs and downstairs rooms.

When you’re out

Instead of just standing on escalators, make it a point to walk up them. Better yet, if there are stairs near the escalator, always choose to use the stairs instead! You can also visit shopping malls early – fewer people around means you have more freedom to walk briskly around. As a bonus, you’ll have the full attention of service staff!

We hope these movements will encourage you to get out there and get moving. Keeping active does not need to be reserved in the gym at a certain time; every movement helps! So keep up the great work and remember to treat yourself to a serving of ANLENE™ after your daily movements. Achieve stronger bones for better mobility!

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