We understand it can be a challenge juggling what free time you have after work between family and keeping active. Here’s an idea: why not spend quality time with your family while staying active? Here’s how you can do just that!

1. When picking up a family member from a particularly congested location, park further away in a proper spot. You can spend the longer walk back to the car to talk about their day and strengthen your emotional bond and it’s good for your bones! Plus, you won’t be blocking the road and causing traffic jams.

2. When you’re cleaning up after dinner, work your calves as you do dishes at the sink. Raise your body up on your tiptoes and lower yourself back down. Do this slowly and repeat until all the dishes are clean. You can also do light stretching sessions with your parents while watching television. It’s good for them, and for you as well!

3. Moving heavy things around? Don’t just rely on the bigger person – get everyone to pitch in and help each other out. You’ll all get stronger, finish the task faster and have more time to spend together!

4. Visit a park as a family. Chase your hyperactive child around a park as a fun way to improve your stamina, or take a stroll with your parents for a bonding session that’s healthy both physically and emotionally!

Whether it’s a fun weekend out or a quiet evening in with your family, there’s always a way to stay active with your loved ones, plus you’ll also be reminded that you’re doing this for your family! And remember to accompany your activities with your daily intake of ANLENE™!

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