Working out by working together!

We know it can be challenging for new mums to find the time to exercise while performing responsibilities as a mother, but fear not! You don’t have to sacrifice exercise for your mummy duties; here’s how your little one can help you out during your workout sessions.


  • Carry your child instead of weights like dumbbells. Not only will your child make an adorable substitute for weights, you’ll be able to keep your little one entertained with tickles and kisses while you perform resistance training like curls, lunges and so on with him or her!

  • Going out with your toddler? Carry your little one, as well as the bag of supplies instead of letting the stroller do all the work! Give your limbs a good workout while strengthening your bond with your child!

  • When your kid is older and has begun socialising with other children, you can set up a playdate-cum-workout session! Take a step back and keep an eye on your kid from afar while you work out with the other moms during the playdate!

  • Do be mindful of your child’s safety when exercising with him or her! You can always try out different ways to keep active with your little one; even a game of hide-and-seek with your child can be quite a workout! The littlest steps with your little one can make all the difference!

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