6 Impressive benefits of yogurt

We all know yogurt is good for you. But exactly how good is it?

1. Loaded with nutrients

Yogurt is packed with important nutrients and it’s relatively low in calories. It’s a good source of protein, calcium and B vitamins1
, and can help to meet your daily nutrient needs.

2. Good for your bones

Yogurt contains a significant amount of calcium, which helps build and maintain strong bones. A local survey found that we Malaysians aren’t consuming enough calcium2, which may put us at risk of getting poor bone health. So it’s a smart idea to grab some yogurt to help meet your daily calcium needs.


3.  Tummy friendly

It’s a myth that if you’re lactose intolerant, you can’t eat dairy. In fact, you can still have yogurt! The lactose that’s naturally found in dairy has been eaten by the friendly bacteriathat are found in yogurt, making it tummy friendly.


4.  Healthy treat for weight watchers

Did you know that yogurt has relatively lower calories compared to high fat or sugar laden foods, such as chocolate cake? A recent study shows that people who eat high protein snacks like yogurt have better appetite control and feel full longer, also eating fewer calories in following meals4. All this makes yogurt the smart go-to-snack if you’re watching your weight.


5.  Goodness of dairy protein

Yogurt provides a good amount of high quality protein, which is important to support the building and maintenance of your body tissues including muscles.


6.  Versatile

Yogurt isn’t just for eating by itself. You can use it as an ingredient to spice up your cooking. You can add it to curries, or simply as a topping for your favourite salad.

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  • Make calcium count – look for yogurt that offers a good amount of calcium to help meet your daily needs.
  • Go for protein – look for yogurt that provides a good source of protein.
  • Do the fat check – if you’re concerned about your daily fat intake, look for low fat yogurt or yogurt made with skimmed milk.
  • Added benefits – look for yogurt with added vitamin D and collagen. Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption while collagen has many benefits.


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*Compared to regular yogurt, per 100g.
USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.


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