From posture, to balance, stamina and strength, the benefits of good bone, joint and muscle health aren’t just physical, but emotional as well. Why? Because it gives you the freedom to move as young as you feel inside, for a long time to come!


Taking care of your bones, joints and muscles requires both regular physical exercise as well as a balanced diet. To start off, here are some ways you can start taking care of it today:


1.   BONES

Think of your bones as the fundamental structure for movement. On it, your body creates movements with the help of muscles and joints.


Did you know that your bones are constantly changing?


Bone is a living tissue consisting of minerals such as Calcium and Phosphorus, along with Collagen, Proteins, cells and water. They play an important role in bone turnover, or in other words, bone remodelling. In this process, old bone is removed and new bone is deposited. Did you know that 4-10% of your total bone surface is being remodelled at any particular time?


In fact, this process happens continuously to maintain our bone health throughout life. However, as we age this process can become less effective – leading to bone loss over time. What’s more, there is strong evidence that bone loss can start in adults from as young as 30 years old, and if proper care is not taken, this may lead to the development of osteoporosis later in life – a progressive bone disease that increases the risk of fracture!


So how can I maintain my bone health?


Always ensure that your daily diet contains a sufficient amount of Calcium and Vitamin D! Calcium is needed to support the bone remodelling process, and Vitamin D to absorb Calcium effectively to support optimum bone health.


So, you should definitely keep these 2 nutrients in mind.



Like bones, your joints are critical to your ability to move. A joint is where two or more bones meet, and provides motion and flexibility for your body. Also found at these joints is the specialised cartilage that pads and protects the ends of bones. This cartilage absorbs shock and reduces friction so you can move freely!


In fact, cartilage is continuously changing like bones too!


However, as we age, the cartilage can break down and not be repaired in time, leading to a loss of cartilage. This may reduce joint mobility and flexibility – and may lead to the development of osteoarthritis.


Collagen is a major component found in joint cartilage. Anlene MoveMax ™ is now specially formulated with collagen.  



Some of us work out in a gym to get bigger muscles and maybe look better. But did you know that beyond just looks, good muscle health is a key contributor to lifelong mobility?


Because muscle contraction is what produces force and motion, maintaining proper muscle mass with the right nutrients is important for your body to move in any way you want it to.


Unfortunately, as we age, skeletal muscle loss will occur in what is known as Sarcopenia: A condition in which contributes to the loss of physical strength and suffer from impaired mobility that affects our daily living.


As an adult, your muscle mass is estimated to decrease by about 30% when you’re between 20 – 80 years old.


But here’s the good news: Having regular exercise is a great way to reduce the effects of muscle loss as we age. Couple that with important nutrients to support your muscles such as Protein and Magnesium, and help minimise the loss of skeletal muscle loss! Allowing you to do what you love for a long time to come.


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